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[YONSEI CS BK21 Seminar] Esports as a Driving Problem for Human-Centered Research_2022.12.05_14:00

관리자 2022.12.05 09:27 조회 395
  • 제목: Esports as a Driving Problem for Human-Centered Research
  • 강사: Benjamin Watson (Computer Science, North Carolina State University)
  • 일시: 2022년 12월 5일 월요일 14시
  • 장소: 제 1공학관 A542

abstract:  Esports is a rapidly growing phenomenon now rivaling traditional sports, with a deep dependence on real-time graphics and interface technology. Yet until recently, human-centered computing researchers have largely ignored it. We argue that this must change. First, with its highly skilled athletes and its exceptionally measurable fields of play, esports is an excellent opportunity to resume the long-neglected effort to help computer users achieve expertise. Second, because it so greatly rewards rapid response, esports can help revive moribund display technology, and indeed is already beginning to do so. Finally, esports athletes regularly reduce photorealism to minimize latency, suggesting a new direction for computer graphics research, one that prioritizes temporal accuracy and task relevance. 

bio: Benjamin Watson is Associate Professor of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. His Visual Experience Lab focuses on the engineering of visual meaning, and works in the fields of graphics, visualization, interaction and user experience. His work has been applied in entertainment, security, finance, education, and medicine. Watson co-chaired the Graphics Interface 2001, IEEE Virtual Reality 2004 and ACM Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D) 2006 conferences, and was co-program chair of I3D 2007. Watson is an ACM and senior IEEE member. He earned his doctorate at Georgia Tech's Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center.