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[YONSEI CS BK21 Seminar] Next-Generation Computer System Architecture with Emerging Devices: Challenges and Opportunities_2023.12.12_10:00

관리자 2023.12.06 10:19 조회 161
  • 제목; Next-Generation Computer System Architecture with Emerging Devices: Challenges and Opportunities
  • 강사: Prof. Satoshi Kawakami (Kyushu University)
  • 일시 : 2023년 12월 12일(화) 오전 10시~11시
  • 장소: 제4공학관 D402호

- Abstract:
For sustainable improvement of computer performance and power efficiency in the post-Moore era, we have a trend to explore emerging devices that can replace CMOS technology. This talk focuses on computer systems utilizing "single-flux quantum devices" and "photonic devices" and introduces several methods for computing and their advantages and disadvantages. Significant challenges and opportunities in such post-CMOS computing platforms are discussed with some summaries of our recent research activities.

- Brief Bio:
Satoshi Kawakami received Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering degrees in computer science from Kyushu University, Japan, in 2012 and 2014, respectively. After working for Bosch Corporation for two years as an engineer, he received a Ph.D. degree from the Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan in 2019. His research is computer system architecture with emerging technologies such as superconductors and nano-photonic devices. His interests are exploring lower bounds on the energy required for processing, and he has recently been working on changing computational principles suitable for emerging devices.